Why Acadia?

The Team

In the early days of founding this firm, perhaps no other issue consumed our thoughts more than selecting a name. We wanted to capture our family history and the aspirations we have for our clients.

Family History

My family’s story can be traced back to the beautiful rocky islands surrounding what is now known as Acadia National Park, on the coast of Maine. My ancestors, William Gilley and Hannah Lurvey, were the first lighthouse keepers on Baker Island (now part of the National Park). Their story is a gripping tale of true survival, fierce independence, and hard-won success. Their adventurous, hearty, and entrepreneurial spirit remains a strong force in our family to this day.

Like the Acadians of this coastal region, my family relocated to Southern Louisiana, near New Orleans. The rich and incredibly diverse culture of South Louisiana encourages us to truly appreciate life, and to savor all the blessings that the Good Lord and hard work will bring our way. The gold fleur-de-lis serves as a reminder of this appreciation for a life well lived.

Land of Plenty,
Land of Peace

The name Acadia also speaks to our hope and desire for our clients. The word Acadia is found in various languages, and usually means, “land of plenty, land of peace.” I cannot think of a better aspiration for our clients


The gold fleur-de-lis connects Acadia to our family, faith, and culture. The Acadia Financial Services fleur-de-lis, designed by our son, adds the central feature of Christ’s cross, which serves as a reminder to us of our goal to “Glorify God and serve his people.”

William P. Jensen, CFP®, EA, CKA®

Financial Planner and Tax Advisor

Welcome to Acadia Financial Services. It’s different here.
From its genesis, we have consciously built a firm that is designed to meet the financial service needs of most individuals and families, while simultaneously addressing many of the hesitations that people face when hiring an advisor.

The motivation to form Acadia stemmed from my first experience with a financial advisor. As a Second Lieutenant in the US Air Force back in 1990, I was referred by a friend to his advisor. In short order, it became clear that he did not have my best interests in mind; he did a fairly good job of separating me from my money. I was so dismayed by the incident that I became my own financial advisor, determined to protect others from the same experience.

Nearly thirty years later, when it was time to retire from the military, I was called to continue serving others as a Christian financial advisor. I now focus on helping clients pursue financial freedom and contentment.

Again, welcome to Acadia Financial Services. I think you will like what you see.

Mary E. Jensen

Client Relations Manager

Thank you for visiting our site and for considering Acadia for your financial service needs. I think you will appreciate the personal approach we take in serving you, and the unique focus we place on addressing your concerns. I look forward to talking to you soon!

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