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Acadia offers a wide spectrum of services that are tailored to meet the personal needs of individuals and families who are at various stages of life. We broadly organize our services through our Tiered System. However, we recognize that everyone is unique, and we will tailor our services and fees to meet your specific situation.


Tier I
Ideal Client: Our first tier of service is best suited for young professionals, newer investors, or junior military officers/government civilians. Your finances are still relatively simple, but you want to get on the right track to financial success.

Acadia’s Goal: Provide critical, early guidance as a client begins their financial journey.


per Month
(See details below)

Financial Planning

Tier II
Ideal Client: Tier II is focused on mid/senior-level professionals, perhaps married with one or more children. You may be a military field grade or general officer, or a senior government official. Your finances have gotten complicated and time-consuming. Maybe you used to manage your own finances, but now you no longer have the time nor the understanding to do so effectively.

Acadia’s Goal: Provide personal solutions for your complex financial situation through comprehensive planning, goal-setting, investment management, and actionable steps to achieve financial contentment.


per Month
(See details below)

Wealth Management

Tier III
Ideal Client: For the Tier III client, like the Financial Planning client above, your personal finances have gotten complicated. Additionally, a Tier III client is possibly retired or approaching retirement. In this tier, you may be looking for the additional services of highly complex multi-year planning, charitable giving strategies, and wealth transfer.

Acadia’s Goal:
This level of service provides comprehensive financial services. We ensure enhanced personal solutions for your complex financial situation through extensive planning, goal-setting, and actionable steps to achieve financial contentment. At this level of service we review, organize, plan, and manage nearly every aspect of your financial life.


per Month
(See details below)


annual fee1$50 and Up per Month ($600 and Up Annually; Paid Monthly)$300 and Up per Month ($3,600 and Up; Paid Monthly)2$600 and Up per Month ($7,200 and Up; Paid Monthly)2
upfront fee$200NoneNone
phone and email supportUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited
scheduled review meetings31/year2/year4/year
requested meetingsUp to 2/yearUp to 4/yearUnlimited
acadia newsletter
access to premier financial portal4
virtual vault storage
cash flow monitoring and planning
debt reduction planning
student loan/debt planning
simple goal planning
risk management5
comprehensive goal planning
retirement planning
qualified plan/tsp investment advice6
college savings/GI bill planning
estate planning
investment management
tax planning
tax return review
charitable giving strategies/management
retirement plan design for small business
non-qualified retirement plan advice 7
wealth transfer/legacy planning
†. The level of service is primarily determined by client complexity. Following a thorough discussion of your plans and a comprehensive review of your financial situation, we will provide a fee commensurate with your situation. Service may be terminated with 30-days’ notice.

1. All fees are paid monthly, in advance.

2. There is an additional investment management fee paid to XY Invest (XYI) of 0.35% of total Assets Under Management (AUM). This fee only applies to those assets under direct management with Acadia and XYI.

3. Meetings will primarily be hosted virtually, but in-person meetings may be available.

4. Acadia uses eMoney for both financial planning services and for the client’s portal.

5. Risk management refers to insurance estimates or calculations such as a life insurance needs analysis

6. TSP = Thrift Savings Plan, a federal employee / military retirement savings plan.

7. A non-qualified plan is a type of tax-deferred, employer-sponsored retirement plan that falls outside of Employee Retirement Income Security Act (ERISA) guidelines.

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